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About Us

We are the most reliable and professional company out there. We treat our customers with 100% respect and high end integrity, not to mention we have been in business for almost 8 Years now. Please browse through to learn more stuff about our companies and who we are.

Who Are We?

DigitWebhost.com is a small web based hosting company that started privately in 2002. As we expanded with our clients we have decided to share our quality services to the public. In January 2009 we have decided that we are launching DigitWebhost as a public company that offer quality hosting to all the consumers out there. As time is passing we are expanding into a very large webhosting business.



Our Goals.


At DigitWebhost we have 3 standard goals, professionalism which explains how we act professional with our customers and handel our business with high end integrity and respect. Second, The quality of our hosting. We try to give the best to our customers and to receive the best you must offer high end quality services. All our servers are high end quality with massive disk space and bandwidth limit. We never over sell our packages just so we can ensure our customers that the servers will not be overused. Last and most important is customer service. At DigitWebhost we treat you more than anything, because your the number one priority to us. We offer 24/7 customer support and help you with anything you need even if its high end support or actually building your site. We will do anything to help you reach your goal and treat you with the best respect that everyone should be treated with.





Most webhosting companies use the old hardware and technology to ensure their own expenses and money saving. At DigitWebhost all our hosting are placed on the newest hardware and technology servers with QuadCores and 8 GB Ram. Our network bandwidth is 100% premium and comes with 100- 1000 MBPS up link port.